Equine Acupuncture



Acupuncture for horses in more detail.

It is our pleasure and our privilege to offer an Equine Acupuncture service

The Three Emperors
Veterinary Acupuncture dates back to Ancient China

Veterinary acupuncture is a means of stimulating the rebalancing of the body's energy, to restore more normal function and better well-being. Acupuncture vet Chris Day describes equine acupuncture in outline.

The Ancient Chinese believed that energy (Qi - pronounced Chi) flows around the body in a regular and rhythmic fashion, taking about 24 hours to do so and that it flowed in channels or 'acupuncture meridians'. In recent times, science has 'rediscovered' this circadian rhythm.
They also devised 'maps' of these channels and of points along them, referred to as 'acupuncture points'. These maps are called 'acupuncture charts'. They are well estasblished in human acupuncture but equine acupuncture charts and equine acupuncture points are less well agreed among all practitioners.
At the AVMC, we operate according to our own interpretation of horse acupuncture charts and horse acupuncture points.

Taking a break from work

It's a horse's life

Horses are free-roaming, fibrous grass grazing animals. They are very intuitive and 'energetic' animals, who mostly respond brilliantly to veterinary acupuncture.


Disease is seen as a disturbance in the quality and balance of the energy or as a disturbance of the natural rhythm of energy circulation.

Acupuncture as therapy
By use of needles, LASER or other form of point stimulation, the vet acupuncturist seeks to stimulate rebalancing of the energy and restoration of the rhythmic flow. Equine acupuncture is broadly similar to human acupuncture.

Acupuncture for horses and acupuncture for ponies.

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Equine Acupuncture
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